MCR Cleanroom and Industrial Engineering Attend the VIP 3000 Seminar in Berlin, Germany

April 3, 2018 |

Gerard Kirwan, Industrial Engineering & Cleanroom Equipment Manager at MCR Engineering, attended a two-day seminar in Berlin, Germany hosted by VIP3000. The Association Interessengemeinschaft Pharmabau 3000 e.V., VIP 3000 for short, is an organisation that seeks to promote the sharing of ideas and visions within the pharmaceutical and cleanroom industries.

Gerard was one of 32 delegates invited to attend the two-day training event hosted by VIP 3000. Leading companies and research institutions of the European pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries, their suppliers as well as other stakeholders such as planners and universities are involved in VIP 3000.

The members of VIP 3000 carry an exclusive seal of quality and commit themselves to products and services of the highest standard. The goal of VIP 3000 for the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors is to promote the highest standard of production for long term sustainability. Together, members of VIP3000 form a quality network with the aim of promoting all available technologies in the planning and implementation of modern pharmaceutical and manufacturing facilities. The focus is on the areas of process engineering, building technology and the construction of buildings suitable for GMP organisations.