Ilac Shopping Centre

October 17, 2018 |

Client: Aramark Property

Contract Duration: 2016 – Present

The ILAC Centre is located off Henry Street, Dublin’s busiest shopping street. Anchor stores include:
• Dunnes Stores
• Debenhams
• River Island
• Argos
• TK Maxx

MCR hold a 24 hour presence on site at the Ilac Shopping Centre and are responsible for ensuring:
• The site is secured & cleaned with due care and attention to the highest surveillance standards, achieving the best possible preventative measures for Site Security & Cleanliness.
• The safety of all occupants, customers and visitors to the shopping centre
• The MCR company image is professionally presented to tenants and customers throughout the facility at all times through a strict uniform policy and appearance of all staff
• That facility is always monitored, avoiding unauthorised or wrongful entry and reacting quickly when this is breached
• That proactive and effective measures are taken to minimise loss or damage to the shopping centre, visitors, staff or tenants premises

MCR have implemented a new reporting system on site for the Ilac Shopping Centre whereby all of the management team are required to fill out a report while on site in relation to staff appearance, site appearance, health and safety issues etc. This report is immediately fed into head office and the control room so that any issues are dealt with swiftly.
MCR have created a health and safety Tab on our Real Time Clocking System, the officers check the building it is carried out at a minimum, twice a day this was tailor made for the client it is called the Fire Walk, the officers check all:

• Fire Doors
• Emergency Exits
• Fire Extinguishers
• Emergency Exit routes
• Service corridors
• Service yards
• Lifts
• Emergency Lighting