Heuston South Quarter (HSQ)

December 12, 2017 |

Contractor: Savills
Duration of Contract: 2012 – Present

Heuston South Quarter comprises of some 350 apartments, 1,200 underground car park spaces and an abundance of occupied office space including:

  • Eircom Head Offices which houses some 1,500 employees daily
  • AOL
  • Health Service Executive (HSE)
  • Tenants also include some well know chains such as Supervalu and Starbucks that add to the daily footfall.


Security Services Provided

MCR have a presence on the ground and in the control room with in HSQ. MCR also provide front of house cover where first impressions are very important for major clients within the office spaces. MCR Secure HSQ on a 24 hour basis, it has a very different job description and MCR have a specific set of instructions and Health and safety procedures to ensure the protection of our Security operative as well as maintaining the integrity of the development at all times. Day time Security plays a unique role at this development, we believe that first impressions are very important and that the front of house role can have a lasting effect on any visitors to the development. The right attitude and appearance is imperative to reputation of any development.


Cleaning Services Provided

MCR Cleaning began providing cleaning services to HSQ when the development was newly built. An initial builders clean was delivered to the newly developed property. The property management company were very impressed by the service delivery of MCR that they offered MCR Cleaning the ongoing cleaning contract for the premises when it opened.

Evolving and flexible nature of our services: MCR Cleaning initially had the contract for cleaning the common areas of the residential area of HSQ. As the development expanded and the commercial aspect of the development was built, our contract expanded to providing cleaning services to these areas as well.

Pioneering service delivery: MCR Cleaning have been responsible for the cleaning programme at HSQ since its inception and as such shaped and delivered an excellent cleaning service package that the client and their commercial and residential tenants.

Cleaning services provided include:

  • Window cleans
  • Caretaker facility
  • Daily office cleaning
  • Internal and external power washing