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Company History

MCR Group was established in 1996. Originally established as a an outsourcing company, over the years the Group has grown to also provide a wide range of Cleaning, Security, Engineering and Personnel services to commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, construction, educational, retail, leisure and residential clients. We deliver these services to many market sectors currently employing a workforce of 2,000 employees.


1996   MCR Personnel established as a recruitment company

2000   Turnover €15m achieved

2003   MCR Cleaning established

2004   MCR Security established

2004   MCR Engineering established

2005   Turnover €45m achieved, 1,000 staff members employed for the first time

2006   Group Turnover €61m achieved

2007   Group Turnover €75m achieved

2008   As the economy slows, turnover reduces to €49m

2009   Group Turnover reduces to €26m

2013   Group Turnover increases to €29m

2014   Group Turnover increases to €35m

2015   Group Turnover increases to €45m

2016   Group Turnover increases to €50m

2017   Group Turnover achieved of €55m

2018   Estimated Group Turnover €65m currently employing 2,000 staff



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  • info@mcrgroup.ie
  • Mon - Fri: 7:30 - 18:00


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